Updated 2/5/2022
PDAZ is currently open for in-studio classes. Most classes will continue to be available via the zoom platform by registering online or contacting the studio. We realize this is not a “one size fits all” situation and respect the decisions you make for your family. Your health and safety are most important to us!!

We will continue to monitor and implement the local, state, and federal recommendations as they are announced and make changes as necessary. We will keep you updated on what is happening via email and Facebook. We take pride in our facility and how it operates and would like to highlight the policies we have in place at our studio to help our dance families stay healthy and safe. Bear with us... we want to be sure we cover it all!

Expectations of our faculty and staff, dancers, and parents:

  1. Separate outside doors will be utilized for each studio classroom.
  2. Entrance/exit traffic flow will be adjusted.
  3. Class sizes will be kept at a minimum per studio dimensions.
  4. The lobby will be closed to parents. Parent observation weeks will be offered at least once per quarter.
  5. No student, faculty, or staff member shall come to class if they or a member of their household is displaying symptoms.
  6. Parents will notify PDAZ if a child or family member tests positive for COVID-19 so that we may take additional precautions.

What Can I Do to Prepare for In-Studio Classes?

There is a lot you can do to help things go smoothly! This is new for everyone, so we will all be called upon to exercise patience as we do our best to keep our students and studio family as safe as possible. We thank you in advance for being flexible as we make adjustments to our protocol as needed. Here are some easy tips that you can do to help things go smoothly:

Prior to Class

  • Please keep your child at home if she/he is sick.
  • Talk to your dancer about respecting others’ personal space.

What to bring

  • Small storage bin. Every student should have her/his own plastic bin to transport dance shoes to and from the studio. A dish or small toy bin will work well. Dance bags are discouraged.
  • Dance shoes. Dance shoes are not to be worn outside the classroom. Hip hop dancers must have a pair of sneakers dedicated to class that are not worn outside of class.
  • A labeled water bottle to last through class(es) that day. Our water fountain is closed for drinking but may be used to refill personal bottles.
  • Masks are welcome at our studio. Dancers may wear a mask during class and/or between classes.
  • Hand sanitizer is available at each entrance and in each classroom, but students are welcome to bring their own.

Entrance/Exit Procedures

Dancers: Use the stairs closest to the main entrance to come up to the balcony.  Locate the outer door associated with your class and stand on a mark outside your entrance to wait for your instructor to invite you in. Please arrive ready to dance; cover-ups may be worn into the building and stored in your personal bin.

When exiting, walk past the elevator and use the far staircase to walk down to the parking lot.

Parents: Please drop off and pick up dancers on time. During the first week, parents of younger children may walk students up to their entrance before class and wait on the balcony at pick-up time.

Classroom Procedures


  • Carry your dance shoes, water bottle, and any necessary personal items into the classroom in your plastic bin. Your instructor will direct you to a spot by the mirror to change from your street shoes to your dance shoes. Street shoes are not to be worn past the front line of tape in the classroom.
  • You will be expected to maintain a respectful distance between other dancers and faculty.

Please know that we are here to address any concerns or issues and are happy to hear from you on additional ways we can keep our community healthy.

Thank you for being a part of our studio family,

Prima Dance Arizona faculty and staff

**Parents of preschool dancers, please read the additional section below.
Preschool Dance
Teaching dance to preschoolers comes with a bit of chaos during the best of times.
In addition to following the studio guidelines listed above, we ask that you do some preparation with your child prior to bringing them to class in order to help us offer a positive learning environment.

In addition to a plastic storage bin and other items listed in the “What to Bring” section above, preschool dancers may bring one (1) stuffed toy or doll to dance with.

  • Please speak to your child about our dance class procedures. Knowing what to expect makes new experiences a lot less scary.
  • Reminders at home about personal space will aid in normalizing social distancing in dance class.
  • Be sure to let them know that they will be going to class by themselves like the big kids do. Talk to them how you’ll give them a big hug before they go with their teacher and how you’ll be right there waiting when they are finished. Remind them they will be able to bring their stuffed friend or doll with them to class.
  • Please have your child use the restroom at HOME before class. Our facilities are available for emergencies.
  • Please have your dancer practice changing shoes at home so that she/he is comfortable with changing them independently. Instructors will assist as necessary.
  • Please send your dancer in street shoes that are easy to slip on and off. Combo dancers must wear tights, which help make shoe changes easier. Dance shoes are NOT to be worn outside the studio classroom.
  • Tap shoes that tie MUST be worn with tap “buttons,” available at dancewear shops or at the front desk. The foot should be able to slip into the shoe without the buttons needing to be removed. In lieu of buttons, a piece of elastic may be tied in a knot or sewn together as a fastener.
  • All dance shoes must be labeled with dancer’s initials or last name.

We truly appreciate your support and cooperation, thank you for sharing your child with us.